TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o. gives particular importance to the protection of personal data of its clients, in accordance with best business practices and valid Croatian and European regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016).
The purpose of this policy is to provide all interested parties with all the necessary information on how to process and protect the personal information and the rights that the clients have regarding the processing of personal data.

The policy applies to all personal information of the clients that TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o.. collects and processes and data collected and processed.
The Client is considered a person who has from TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o. requested a service or an offer.
Personal data is any data relating to an individual whose identity has been identified or can be identified (Article 4 of the General Data Protection Act).
Data processing means any procedure or set of procedures that are carried out on personal data or on personal data sets (Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

Legitimate, fair and transparent processing
Data is processed in accordance with valid laws pertaining to the processing of personal data and in accordance with the best business practice of data protection.
Processing in accordance with the purpose of data collection
We process collected data only in accordance with the purpose for which this data was collected.
Limitation of the amount of data
We collect and process only those data that are necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.
Data accuracy
We pay particular attention to the accuracy of the data collected. The Client has at any time the right to access his/her data and correct it.
Limited processing and retention times
Data is processed and stored for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the data was collected or as required by the valid regulations.Security of personal data
We pay the utmost attention to personal data security.


In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the client has the following rights:

Right to access data
The Client is entitled to receive confirmation that we process his / her personal data and, if processed, he / she is entitled to receive the following information: information about the purpose of processing, the category of personal data we are processing, the recipients or categories of recipients of the data we are processing, the predicted period in which the data will be stored or criteria for determining that period, the right to request correction, deletion and limitation of data processing, the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority, automated decision-making system information, such as profile design, protective measures if the data is transferred to a third country.
Right to correction and deletion
The Client has the right to obtain correction of inaccurate data.
The Client has the right to obtain deletion of the data unless the data is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or should be kept in accordance with the valid legal regulations.
TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o.. has the obligation to notify the Client about the change or deletion of data made at the request of the client.
Right to limit processing
The Client has the right to limit the data processing under the terms defined in the General Data Protection Regulation. TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o. has an obligation to notify the Client about the processing limit made at the client’s request.
Right to data portability
The Client has the right to receive the information he has submitted to TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o.. in a structured, standard and machine-readable format.
Right to objection
The Client has at all times the right to object to the processing of personal data.
The Client has at all times the right to a direct marketing complaint, in which case the data will no longer be used for that purpose.
Right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing in automated decision-making
The Client has the right that on him do not apply decisions based on automated processing, including profile creation.


We only collect data that is necessary for the purpose of data collection and in accordance with valid legal regulations.
The information we collect is: name and surname, date of birth of the child for the purpose of obtaining a discount, phone number and e-mail address for contact, address, gender, citizenship, passport number or other appropriate personal document to implement legal obligations where necessary when crossing the border), credit card number or other payment information.
Due to the nature of passenger services, there may be a need for processing specially protected categories of personal data revealing, for example, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, and health-related data, exclusively for the purpose of executing a contract between TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o. and the Client, ie performing the actions that precede the conclusion of the contract. It will be considered that the client who provided TRAVEL AGENCY EROS RAB d.o.o. with data from a special category of personal data gave the consent for processing such data.



We collect information about our customers in following ways:

Data collection at branch offices
When making a reservation or offer, we ask the Client for personal information required for the reservation or offer.
The Client can leave his or her data personally, it can be made by another person in the name of the Client, or the Client can contact us by phone or mail.
Collecting data over the web
On our website when making a reservation or asking for an offer, we collect the information needed to make a reservation or offer.
The Client submits the information via the form on the web site.
Client Consent
Client Consent means any voluntary, specifically, informed and unambiguous expression of the wishes of the Client who by means of a statement or a clear acknowledgment gives consent for the processing of personal data relating to him (Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation).
Without the client’s consent, we will never use any client’s personal information for any purpose in which by the valid regulations the clients consent is required.



For the execution of the contract or preparation for the execution of the contract we collect personal information so that we can make the Client a service or to make the Client an offer.
To inform clients about services and products.
If the client has given the consent, we can use the client’s information to get the Client familiar with our services and products that may be of interest to the Client.
For internal needs.
Client’s information is kept to protect the legitimate interests of the Client or our legitimate interests, in accordance with valid legal regulations. This may include, for example, keeping a client’s data in order to best respond to customer complaints, using customer data to prevent, detect and prosecute misuse at the expense of the client or EROS RAB d.o.o., ensuring the safety of employees, customers, products and services of EROS RAB d.o.o.,, creating services and bids that meet customer needs and desires, providing top-notch customer experience, personalized customer support, research and market analysis, sales channel optimization, etc. Telephone conversations of users and employees of EROS RAB d.o.o., can be used further for improving the quality of EROS RAB d.o.o., employees, solving customer complaints as well as for security purposes, which will be notified to the client before starting interview. The legal basis for the processing of data for these purposes is legitimate interest of EROS RAB d.o.o., unless such interests are of greater interest or fundamental rights and freedoms, which require the protection of client data and / or legal grounds for the protection of key interests of a client or other natural person. Exceptions are cases where the legal basis of the privation is concerned.
For the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligations.
Based on the written request based on the valid regulations, EROS RAB d.o.o., is obliged to provide or provide access to certain personal data of the client to the competent state authorities (eg courts, police, tourist inspections, etc.).
The legal basis for processing data for these purposes is to fulfill the legal obligations of EROS RAB d.o.o.


A third party is any external person or legal entity, within or outside Eros Rab d.o.o., in or outside the country where per-sonal data are processed, who does not process the per-sonal data on behalf of the data controller. Transfer and disclosure to third parties is subject to the applicable local data protection laws and the following re-strictions: necessary or legally required on important public interest grounds / legal claims, necessary for the performance of a contract between the data subject and data controller, necessary for the performance of a con-tract concluded in the interest of the data subject (between the data controller and a third party), necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the data subject.Transferring personal data to third parties constitutes a transaction which must be covered by a transaction agree-ment. To such agreements the Legal Policy applies.The data controller must, where processing is carried out on his behalf, choose a processor providing sufficient guarantees in respect with the principles set forth in this policy, and providing appropriate technical and organiza-tional measures to protect personal data, and must en-sure compliance with those measures. If at any time a third party is determined to be unable to ensure the adequate security of personal data, the col-laboration must be terminated



Considering the activity of Eros Rab d.o.o. which covers the provision of travel agency services, your personal data will be processed by persons mentioned under point 5 within the EU as well as in non-EU countries (eg in the case of subcontracting from another country to provide a specific service or part of a service involving the processing of personal data).

However, Eros Rab d.o.o. ensures that the persons concerned will always be bound by contractual obligations to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal information in accordance with applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection.

According to Opinion no. 7/2010 of the Working Party on the Protection of Personal Data referred to in Article 29 of Directive 95/46, personal data of users of the service may be transferred to companies operating in non-EU countries (eg other travel or travel agency acting as a subagent; in this case, the user of the service is located), however, only the personal data necessary for the provision of the service provided by the company concerned and which will be processed for business purposes only.

Agency Eros Rab d.o.o. under no circumstances will your personal information be made available to entities that are not authorized to process your personal information.



In relation to your personal information provided to Eros Rab d.o.o., we collect and process them according to the applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection and you have the following rights:

• Right to Information about Your Personal Information Eros Rab d.o.o. possesses, from whom this information was collected, the purpose of the processing of this data, the information on the managers and executors of the processing of the said data and the persons to whom the said data may be accessible;

• Correct your personal information to ensure that the information provided by Eros Rab d.o.o. disposes of true, accurate and up-to-date;

• Request the deletion of your personal data by Eros Rab d.o.o. process, if that information is no longer necessary for the purpose of point 4;

• Limit the processing of your personal data in cases provided for by the applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection;

• Receive your personal data in a structured format to transfer to another data processing manager;

• Complain about the processing of your personal information Eros Rab d.o.o. or the competent supervisory authority;
• Withdraw consent to the processing of your personal information in cases where such information is collected and processed solely on the basis of your consent.

You can make a request for the exercise of the aforementioned rights by filling in the appropriate form available at the Eros Rab Ltd. office.



At any time you can object Travel agency Eros Rab d.o.o. for the processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes, after which it will immediately stop processing your data for that purpose.

You may also file a complaint regarding the processing of your information which is necessary for the performance of tasks of public interest, official authority or for the legitimate interests of Eros Rab d.o.o., after which Eros Rab d.o.o. will no longer process your personal information unless otherwise specified by applicable personal data protection regulations.

If you believe that your personal data has been violated or your rights have been violated, you have the right to contact the competent supervisory authority - the Agency for Personal Data Protection,



Eros Rab Ltd. safeguard your personal data until the expiration of a maximum of two years from the date of termination of the contractual relationship between you and Eros Rab Ltd., as the case may be, unless a longer period of personal data retention is specified by applicable national or European regulations. Eros Rab Ltd. will not keep your personal information longer than is necessary and legal and will only process it for the purposes for which it collected the information.


If you have any questions about the collection and processing of your personal information by Eros Rab d.o.o., you can contact us by mail or email at:
Eros Rab d.o.o.
Rapske brigade 22, 51280 Rab, Croatia
email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: +385 51 724 688



Eros Rab d.o.o. regularly updates this Statement in accordance with changes and updates based on applicable regulations and ensures that the latest version of the Statement is available at this site.
In the event of a material change in the content of the Statement that may materially affect your rights, freedoms or interests, you will be notified directly.