Rab island excursion including Goli and Grgur islands

A classic day trip not to be missed. Comfortably cruise by the Rab Island coastline and visit the Zavratnica Bay natural phenomenon. We take a break on infamous Goli Island and Sv. Grgur for bathing as well as an onboard lunch (barbecued meat or fish with side dish). If you are searching for clean seas and lovely spacious areas for sunbathing, you cannot go wrong with this excursion. The trip continues via the western side of Rab Island, returning to Rab Harbour in the evening hours after our final bathing break.

Price list

Price per person:30,00 € (200,00 kuna)
Price with coupon:
Entrance-ticket price:
Lunch:8,50 € (60,00 kuna)
Chidren 0-6 years:gratis (without lunch)
Chidren 6-12 years:15,00 € (100,00 kuna)