Town Rab

The town of Rab is a typical medieval township with wide and generally well conserved forticative walls. The four prominent bell towers not only form the central landmark in the town’s landscape, but also act as the main characteristic by which the town of Rab is recognised. Saint Christofor town square, paved with large white stone, awaits the visitor at the very entry point to the old town of Rab. Here one can find a water fountain portraying Kalifront and a beautiful shepheard girl Draga, characters from a Rab legend. From here one arrives at the town park Kmrcar, whichi is traversed with inviting romantic pathways. One can rest on park benches shaded by century old cone trees, oaks, agavas and many other trees. Stone steps descend to the seas and town beach in the Bay of Saint Euphemius.

Located in the very same bay, opposite to the Frkanj Penninsula is the settlement of Palit. Frkanj Penninsula with its dense forest and countless stone and sandy coves, provide for ideal swimming conditions. Located just a quick boat ride away from Palit is a nudist beach whose most notable visitors in times gone by were a British Royal couple. Even if you are not in possession of your own boat you can still make it to some of the most beautiful islands via numerous inexpensive taxi-boats.