Banjol is situated on a half way between the city of Rab and Barbat. Banjol is divided in two parts with a main road that passes through it. The upper part is spread on the hills above the main road while the lower part is situated under the main road in the bays known with the names of Padova. The Padova bays are protected bays attractive for the swimmers during the day, while in the evening hours they become an imaginary ports for boats returning from their fishing journeys. In the first Padova there is an homonymous Hotel, while in the third Padova, just two km away from the first one is situated a camp with a wide range of sports content.

The charm of the city of Banjol consists in its little ports on the coast, the houses on the sea, the promenade along the sea and the view on the old town of Banjol. Banjol offers to its guests an accomodation in apartments, rooms and luxury villas in the second Padova bay. The gastronomic offer in the restaurants varies from the classic one to the one offering spaghetti and pizza and the so called slow-food restaurant. The proximity of the town Rab, the beautiful bays, the promenade and a gastronomic offer of Banjol are the reasons why many tourist get back every year.