Living on an Adriatic island


16. 07. 2019. - 07:34h

What is it like to be a resident of an island? What are the beautiful and less beautiful sides of life on the island? Let me share with you in the following text my experience of living on a Dalmatian, Adriatic, Mediterranean island, in order to give you a better idea of ​​the island's illusion or reality.


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And now a bit of geography. The island is part of the mainland completely surrounded by a sea surface of more than 1 square km The number of islands, islets, rocks and reefs of the Republic of Croatia is 1246. Of these, 79 are islands, 525 islets and 642 reefs and reefs. The total length of the coastline of islands, islets and rocks is 4398 km. Of these, 3573 km are islands, 717 km islets and 107 km are reefs and reefs. The largest islands in the Adriatic Sea are Cres (405.70 km2) and Krk (405.22 km2). The smallest island is Smokvica Vela by the Kornat (1.04 km2) The island with the longest coastline is Pag (302.47 km). The island with the shortest coastline is Vele Orjule (5.8 km). The largest islet is Badia (0.97 km2) and the smallest is Galicia (0.01 km2). The island of Rab is 10th largest in the Adriatic sea.


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